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Paws for the Cause

by Justice of the Peach

Rocky Mountain Roller Girls would like to introduce “Paws for the Cause,” our first newsletter promotion of our neighbors and partner, Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue. This newsletter will feature the foster kittens of two of our RMRG Skaters, Sassy Bee Otch and Nintendoll. Fostering animals is a great way to volunteer and serve your community, and also get to enjoy the pet experience without actually committing to owning one (or 7). Animals need fostered for many different reasons, in the case of Bee’s kitten’s because they are very young and need more attention than an older cat.

Bee is currently fostering 2 brothers named Ellis and Patton (but, says Bee, “We usually call Ellis “Twinkle Toes,” because the only white on him is on the tips of his back toes on one foot.”). Fosters don’t always come named and after adoption, people can change their names, which is easier with a kitten rather than an adult cat who already knows their name. Both brothers are just 8 weeks old and just over 2 lbs. Bee and her family are doing a great job brining these boys up to weight, since they were around 1 pound when they were first brought home.

Bee says, “Ellis and Patton are best buddies and a bonded pair. They play hard together, and they also enjoy playing with our dog who is quite gentle with them considering he’s a young pup. Their purr motors are excellent, and they love to be snuggled after they tire themselves out.”

Doll and her manpanion David got their foster, Kate, last Friday. They opted for an adult because, “we already have another kitty and we weren’t sure if we could handle a litter!” While Kate is an adult, she was a foster candidate because of some medical issues she has.

Doll explained to us what that looks like: “Kate possibly has IBD, Irritable Bowel Disease. That means her tummy has a hard time with most food. When we got her, she came with the food that didn’t make her sick. Unfortunately, it was also food she doesn’t want to eat. The first weekend we had her, she acted completely normal except she starved herself. She. Wouldn’t. Eat. One. Bite.”

As a result she ended up going back to the vet and having two blood draws and an IV.
“She went home with some new food that we aren’t sure about. She eats it for now – great! But she also could react very badly to it. So it may be touch and go for her in these next months. Here’s hoping we succeed in keeping her healthy!”

“Kate is the sweetest cat I’ve ever lived with,” Doll told us, “She will take all the pets, sits in your lap, and even lets me pet her tummy! She is 3 years old and the tiniest full grown cat.”

Bee and Doll both acknowledge that that fostering can be difficult (especially Bee explaining to her daughter that no, they can’t keep all their kitties!)
Doll adds that, especially with a special needs animal, “It really is emotionally hard. You are basically signing up for a cat/kittens in need of care. Sure, it takes extra time, but it gives you an added bond too!”

However, “The bottom line is,” Doll smiled, “You will fall in love immediately.” If you’re interested in adopting these or any other felines, RMFR has an application and adoption fee of $120 for 1 kitten and $180 for 2 kittens. That fee covers vaccinations, de-worming, spay/neuter, and microchip.

“If someone wants to visit my foster kittens and see if they like them, they are more than welcome and then an early application will give them priority on those kittens. Otherwise, they can come visit all the available kittens in the shelter. They get a tour of the facility and the staff can help them look at kittens or adult cats that will work well within their household,” Bee explains.
If you’re interested in adopting, fostering or volunteering, make a trip to Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue at 2390 S Delaware Street, or stop by their table at one of the upcoming RMRG games just across the street at the Rollerdome.

Home Teams Draft New Skaters

On Thursday June 6th, Rocky Mountain Rollergirls drafted skaters to our four Home Teams: Dooms Daisies, Red Ridin’ Hoods, United States Pummeling Service, and The Sugar Kill Gang.

Congrats to our most recent draftees:
Animal Style # 323, Amber King – Drafted to the Red Ridin’ Hoods

Bad JewJew # 81, Vicki Haber – Drafted to the United States Pummeling Service

MayQPay # 99, Nicolette Cusick – Drafted to the Red Ridin’ Hoods

Melter Skelter # 1441, Melanie Fien – Drafted to the United States Pummeling Service

Nerd Rage # 1337, Jacquelyn Culley – Drafted to the Dooms Daisies

Nucleic Asskick # 113, Megan Mitchell – Drafted to the Sugar Kill Gang

Postal Servix, # 408, Devon Jones – Drafted to the United States Pummeling Service

Queen of the Fight # 67, Gabriela Elvir – Drafted to the Red Ridin’ Hoods

Reverend Pain # 234, Julie McNitt – Drafted to the United States Pummeling Service

Torch # 35, Shannon Boyle – Drafted to the Dooms Daisies

Thank You to our Supporters!

As Rocky settles into our new home on Delaware Street, we wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who donated to our Indiegogo and GoFundMe campaigns. We wouldn’t have been able to complete the work on our warehouse without our amazing supporters! It truly was a team effort, and we’re so excited to start the 2019 season!

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