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Thank You to our Supporters!

As Rocky settles into our new home on Delaware Street, we wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who donated to our Indiegogo and GoFundMe campaigns. We wouldn’t have been able to complete the work on our warehouse without our amazing supporters! It truly was a team effort, and we’re so excited to start the 2019 season!

Lady Ace
Piper Anton
Ken Arthur
Amy Atencio
Beth Bandimere
Ma & Pa Bizarre
Mr. Biz
Mark Bloom
Shandra Botello
Kristie Browns
Christina Burns
Sophie Bushman
James Cook
Julie Cooper
David Dyte
Lindsey Eastman
Jessica Fasy
Sam Fels
Kristen Ferguson
Elizabeth Fischer
Ryan Fleharty
Devon Fox
Jennifer Frale
Jamie French
Michael Gamble
Mark Garcia
Gwen Gelsinon
Leah Glazer
Lindsay Griffith
Luke Graham
Peggy Hemler
Amy Hodge
Ryan Hoskins
Joni Huffman
Kelley Huss
William K
Fridah Killah
Marcelle King
Naomi Lambert
Lisa LeFever
Jodi Litchfield
Jennifer Loper
Katie Lothe
Heather & Rick Mcfadden
Michele Mcloughlin
Melanie Moffett
Pixie’s Mom
Meg O’Connor
April O’Hare
Nancy Powers
Kelly Rider
Robin Roberts
Cindy and Gil Ross
Linda & Bill Rowe
Kristy Rowe
Greta Schmidt
Jaimie Scranton
Jerry Seltzer
Clara Soh
Justin Stetzleberger
Juana Walker
Kendra Walworth
Anthony West
Rebekah Whittaker
Kim Woroch
& many anonymous donors

Rocky begins community partnership with Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue

Everyone wants something warm and fuzzy to cuddle with, and we’re not just talking about derby spouses during No-Shave November. That’s why Rocky Mountain Rollergirls are excited to begin an established community partnership with Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue, conveniently located directly (and we do mean directly) across the street from our new warehouse on Delaware Street. Watch a game, then amble over and adopt a new friend!

Keep an eye out for an information table from RMFR at our Home Team Championship bouts on October 6th.

Feeling like giving? Check out upcoming Feline events. We’re told that RMRF is always in need of wet food (Friskies is a favorite) and toys to keep the kitties busy! More events with our Rocky Meowtain partners will be posted in the near future, so stay tuned!

5.14bout-300 5.14bout-300

5.14bout-300 5.14bout-300

Rocky Mountain Adds New Home Team Skaters

Ten new skaters were drafted to home teams at the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls annual Prom! Please join us in welcoming them to their new teams!


Sissy Rinkshaw


Kish of Death
Lass Warfare


Spunky Old Broad
Vitamin Bae
June Carter Smash


Copper A Feel Ya
Milf Shake
Titan I am

Don’t miss your chance to see these skaters playing for their new teams! Join us for a night of fast paced roller derby on April 14th at our home team double header.

Prom Awards

Please congratulate the players who won awards at Prom!

Yammer of the Year Award- Mars Furiousity
Feel the Pain (best blocker)- May Q Pay
Lives up to their Derby Name- May Q Pay
Miss Congeniality- Harper Bizarre and Daisey Danger
Class Clown- Kiki Dickie, Shred Mosby and Betty Vedder
Most Inspirational- Violet A. Saultz
Hardest Working Off Skates- Massacre
Sportswoman of the Year- Fiona Grapple
Holy Mother- Fiona Grapple
Kickass Kill Scout- Betty Slayer One
Most Improved Skater- Easy as Pi
Ref/Nso Award- Pop’a Pain
Craziest Daisy- Chi Chi Chong
Sweetest Sugar- Daisey Danger
Reppin’ the Hood- Clitterference
Most Postal Plummer- Morfiend
Unicorn Award- Love Hertz
Robert Paulson Award- Flammabelle
Tupac Award- Massacre