Category: Skater of the Month

Skater of the Month: Daisey Danger

Current Team
Sugar Kill Gang, The Contenders
This month’s skater of the month is truly deserving of the award and is an inspiration to many. She has seamlessly fit into the bout production committee and improved it in many ways. Her commitment to bout production is invaluable — she is a master at organizing volunteers and keeping everyone busy. She is always a friendly, positive skater and we are lucky that she came to RMRG. This skater joined RMRG less than a year ago, but it feels like she’s always been here. She skates for the Sugar Kill Gang home team and recently made the roster for The Contenders. She has an amazing attitude, consistently has a smile on her face, and is dedicated to the league’s success. Whenever she has something to say, it’s always positive. This month’s skater of the month is Daisey Danger! Please congratulate her and thank her for all of her hard work.

Skater of the Month: Betty Vedder

Rocky Mountain Rollergirls are very excited to announce our February skater of the month: Betty Vedder! She has been with us six months and has quickly established roots within the league. She jumped right into handling finance and insurance for our junior league, becoming a well-structured and much needed disciplinarian in such a high demand position. In addition, she has supported our partnership committee, becoming a great asset to the success and foundation of our team’s success. Talk about a busy woman!

Betty has made daily correspondence in our group messages as well as bench side at practices and scrimmages fun with a great deal of energy. Her witty sense of humor and silliness has set the tone of how much we can enjoy time together and allows everyone to participate in good times. However, while silly on the sideline or in a social setting, beware for her on the track because she has no problem dropping her shoulder into you to obtain lead jammer.

A force to be reckoned with, Betty loves to jam and takes the track in a fierce four wall with her home team, Sugar Kill Gang. Welcome to RMRG, Betty, we are happy you are here and to recognize you for being February’s Skater of the Month!

Skater of the Month: Coyote

Current Team
5280 Fight Club, Dooms Daisies
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
January’s Skater of the month is Coyote (formerly Wild E. Coyote). Coyote’s 2016 came to a disappointing end 10 minutes before it was supposed to when a major knee injury took her out of Fight Club’s fourth WFTDA playoff game, just before the final whistle of the team’s season.

In the months since her injury, Coyote has been hard at work, seemingly rehabilitating in record time. But she hasn’t just been working hard in the gym — she’s also been working hard for RMRG. As a member of our training committee, Coyote has been helping to set the tone for the 2017 season, even running practices despite not being able to skate yet, and helping out wherever she can. She’s heavily involved in other committees as well, taking on a new role as one of Rocky Mountain’s WFTDA league reps and helping to set the rosters for our 2017 travel teams as a member of our Evaluation Committee.

In addition to doing countless things for the adult skaters at Rocky Mountain, Coyote finds time to serve as the Head Coach and Trainer for the Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks — a job that she clearly loves, despite the 7:00 AM practice time!

We can’t thank you enough for all that you do, Coyote. And we can’t wait to see you back on the track…no doubt sooner than anyone would have expected!