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Skater of the Month: Violet A. Saultz

Fireworks are not only beautiful because of their magnitude and brilliance, but because we usually only get to see them a few times a year. So it shall now be with Violet A. Saultz, RMRG’s July skater of the month who is leaving the slopes of her beloved Colorado to move to Arizona. We have no doubt we’ll see her at annual tournaments, but before she departs for the land of cactus and heatstroke we would like to take this time to honor Saultz. Mighty on the track, busy as a bee behind the scenes of derby, and altruist to the bone in her personal and professional life.

Saultz is a remarkable human, you need only look at her chosen profession to see that. She works closely with refuges and those seeking asylum in the United States to help find them jobs and ease into their new and often confusing life. She spends much of her time volunteering in her community as well.

Saultz’s kind and calm demeanor can be seen at Rocky too, as she helps run practices and train the fresh meat without ever raising her voice (although sometimes we wish she would since she’s got the New Jersey native speech pattern thing going on).

Despite a broken leg and other injuries, along with a packed traveling schedule, Saultz has been a vital part of the Board of Directors and kept track of our complicated accounts as Head of Finance. She has played with all levels of Rocky and calls the Sugar Kill Gang her home team. We know that Saultz will be a valued asset to whichever team she decides to join in the future. Rocky Mountain Rollergirls wish her the best, will miss her deeply, and if we look menacing when we say, “Hey future league, take care of our girl,” that’s just a trick of the light.

We love you Violet A. Saultz!

Skater of the Month: Easy as Pi

Summer is a time for sweet treats and Rocky Mountain’s June Skater of the Month, Easy as Pi, is just that.
Pi can often be seen coming into scrimmage hauling a huge box of fliers for skaters to distribute, with her skate bag on her back and a smile on her face. She works tirelessly on her committees and has been extra busy recently revamping RMRG’s website.
Pi’s amiable nature extends to the track, where her growing skill as a skater is remarked upon by everyone. She skated for a short while with Free State Roller Derby in Maryland before moving to Colorado, and says that they had to hold her hand the first time she was on skates! She doesn’t need hand holding anymore though, employing her extensive limbs to great advantage while blocking or jamming.
Pi’s derby wife says, “Pi is the first person that I look for when I get to practice because I love working with her. She helps keep the league running, organizing fundraisers and making sure we promote the bouts. Not to mention she’s a smarty face!”
Pi is a brilliant mathematician, her hero is Emmy Noether, German born abstract mathematical theorist. This penchant for geekiness made her an ideal pick for USPS, where she was drafted last year, and was welcomed with open wings by the Eagles who were delighted to add to their cadre of wheeled nerds.
Pi and her affianced, have two dogs, Blueberry and Princess Leia.

Skater of the Month: Militia Vandal

Militia Vandal

Rocky Mountain Roller Girls would like to salute Militia Vandal as the May 2018 Skater of the Month. Militia transferred from our neighboring league DRD where she skated for a number of years, and we happily welcomed her, but didn’t realize what an absolute gem we’d been given until she was turned loose on the Partnership Committee.

In addition to skating, each Rocky skater picks and participates in a committee(s) of their choice, letting their attributes shine in placements like Training, Bout Production, Street Team and so on. Militia very quickly found her niche and distinguished herself as our PHD, “Professional Development Hustler,” and works her tail off on the Partnership Committee. She brings us amazing sponsorship opportunities, including our newest partnership with Tito’s Vodka. Militia also brought in a connection to It Works! supplements whose vendors can be found at RMRG bouts.

Militia’s committee head states that: “We as a league are truly fortunate to have Militia as one of the ‘faces’ of the Partnership team. She’s done an amazing job so far this season with bringing in some awesome new sponsors and vendors. She works as hard off the track for RMRG as she does when her skates are on.”

Militia is also the proud dog mom of the handsome and distinguished Chaz, a Boston Bull Terrier of some repute who will be participating in the dock jumping competition at the GoPro Games in Vail this June. He will no doubt have a cadre of RMRG ladies to cheer him on.

We thank Militia Vandal for her hard work and dedication to RMRG. Forging community connections and sponsorships is a vital element in the growth and sustainability of any team, and every league should be so lucky to have a PHD like ours!