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Skater of the Month: FlipHer

This month, the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls would like to recognize an outstanding league member – FlipHer!
After spending her formative years of roller derby skating with the Castle Rock’in Rollers, Flip decided to take a leap of faith and transfer to the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls in early January 2014. After crushing it with the Killscouts for a few months she soon made it to playing with Project Mayhem while traveling around Colorado and beyond. She soon established herself as a key member of the Team Heckle Squad, and can consistently be found traveling with Fight Club to a host of exciting destinations.
On the track she has become a formidable opponent, not only with her much loved home team, the United States Pummeling Service, but as a talented addition to the Contenders roster for the past two years. Not only has she skated with both of these teams, but she captained the United States Pummeling Service to one of their undefeated seasons and has been serving as a Contenders captain for the past year. Her planning skills and calm demeanor make her accomplished in this role.
Off the track, she has gone above and beyond to make Rocky Mountain Roller Girls an amazing home. She currently serves as head of HR, putting out fires and making sure the league is running behind the scenes, and has had a hand in working with NErD and Training to put together an unparalleled smooth running ship. Her hard work at Besterns this year did not go unnoticed. If you enjoyed the live stream, she was the woman behind getting that out to the world for your viewing pleaser. By recruiting a close friend in the IT sector, Flip assured that the derby world could see all teams that competed at this years event.
Her bright smile and cowbell charm is nothing compared to her losing her voice yelling for the team she loves. Please help us in congratulating our skater of the month FlipHer!

Skater of the Month: Clitterference

Current Team
Project Mayhem, Red Ridin’ Hoods
2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
This month, the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls would like to recognize an outstanding league member – Clitterference!
As the league’s Track-Master, Clitter plays an integral part in every game we play; she has her hands on every beautifully laid track. Clitter rallies the rest of the Trackies and, at this point, has conditioned her team to lay a track in record setting time!
Clitter is also setting records ON the track.  After taking the 9-month LOA, Clitter came back this season as if no time had passed.  In the blink of an eye, she again rose to the rank of Rocky Mountain Rollergirls Travel Team skater as a Practice Squad member and continues to be a solid addition to the league’s blocker core.  The Rocky Mountain Rollergirls are lucky to have Clitter and are forever appreciative of the time and energy she puts into the league.

Skater of the Month: Sarahtonin

Current Team
Dooms Daisies, Project Mayhem
2016, 2017

This month the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls would like to give special recognition to a tireless league member – Sarahtonin!

Sarah joined us in June of 2016, and since then she has become an invaluable asset to RMRG. Not only does she put in time on the track as a Dooms Daisy, she works constantly behind the scenes to ensure that all of our games are staffed will fully qualified EMTs to look out for the medical needs of the skaters should those circumstances arise. She took on the herculean task of scheduling all of the medical staff for our 3-day Besterns tournament, working a lot of the shifts herself. We literally cannot have games without the services that she coordinates for us.

A HUGE thank you to Sarah – we appreciate everything you do for RMRG!