Join Us

    Rocky Mountain Rollergirls tries to open our doors to all walks of life/ages/level of interest. Here we offer some information that may be helpful. If you want more details, please feel free to contact our league at the emails listed below.

    You:         “I really love skating. I’m also super good at memorizing rules.”
    RMRG:   “GREAT! We sincerely love people who are good at memorizing rules. We have different positions available as a Roller Derby Official. We also have positions available as Non-Skating Officials (NSOs). If interested please send an email to”

    You:         “My kid really wants to play roller derby. Who do I talk to?”
    RMRG:   “That’s great. We have a junior roller derby league, Roller Punks. Is your kiddo between the ages of 12 and 18? Also, is your kiddo available Saturday mornings for practice? Send a message to Hey wait, what about you? You’re never too old to skate with RMRG.” (see below)

    You:         “I want to learn how to play roller derby” or “I’m interested in transferring Leagues and want to gather more information about RMRG” or “I’m visiting Denver and want to drop-in during RMRG practices.”
    RMRG:   “Excellent. We love teaching people of all skill levels how to skate and play derby. Also, we love new people. If you’re interested in joining us FOR-EV-ER or just for a short visit, then send a message to”

    You:         “My company wants to sponsor RMRG or a particular skater.”
    RMRG:   “We are pleased that you’re interested in our League!!! Please send a message to”

    You:         “I want to know so many things about your league, but my questions aren’t outlined above.”
    RMRG:   “You’re in luck. We have an email for any questions not outlined above.”


    General practice days/nights:   Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Saturday

    Practice Location:   2375 S. Delaware St., Denver, CO 80223

    General list of costs:   Annual cost of insurance $75; Monthly dues $65; One-time League Membership fee $25.

    Time requirements: Depending on skater level the amount of practice time will vary. We have a levels system (level 1 – level 8). If you’ve never skated before, you’ll enter RMRG as a level 1.
            a.   Practice hours requirements – 10 attendance credit hours per month (level 1) and 12 attendance credit hours per month (levels 2 – 8);
            b.   Volunteer requirements – 2 hours of volunteer credit hours (examples: Non-Skating Official, skating as a Referee, etc.)
            c.   Committee work – Participate in one committee (examples: Finance, PR/ Marketing, HR, etc.).