Skater of the Month: Motorbutt

This month, the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls are excited to announce the first Skater of the Month for 2018: Motorbutt!

Motorbutt joined Rocky Mountain Rollergirls as a newbie skater in 2013 and made quick work of making a name for herself on the track. She trained hard and was skills-tested within a year, getting drafted to the Red Ridin’ Hoods and rostered for Project Mayhem games in 2014. In 2016, she became an integral part of the blocking core for The Contenders. Unfortunately, Motorbutt sustained an injury at the end of 2016, which also put her out for the majority of 2017. But, with the same tenacity we see in her on the track, Motorbutt tackled her injury and came back as if no time had passed. We’re excited to see what’s in store for her derby career in 2018!

And, if you think her “track record” is impressive, just take a look at what she does for the league off the track! Motorbutt has been a member of Rocky Mountain Rollergirls Board of Directors for the past 2 years, and is now beginning her 3rd year in that role. Last year, she took on the task on scheduling all league practices, which was quite the feat, coordinating with 4 different practice locations. She has also helped lead the charge in finding a new practice and bouting warehouse for Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, which we look forward to moving into at some point this year. Rocky Mountain Rollergirls are beyond lucky to have Motorbutt at one of our beloved leaders and teammates!