Skater of the Month: Mr. Clitter

Mr. Clitter

If you think that’s the boom of a spring thunder storm rolling in, think again. That sonorous rumble is the sound of RMRG’s April Skater of the Month, our bout announcer Mr. Clitter!

Ever the dashing figure, adorned each game in jaunty fedora and a dapper vest, Mr. Clitter has been the voice of Rocky games for 2 1/2 years, long enough to become an institution. If you think it’s difficult to understand derby while you’re watching it in the stands, try keeping tabs on the track and commenting on it accurately with a microphone in hand.

Not only is Mr. Clitter an accomplished announcer, like most international men of mystery, he is also proficient in karate (but like no, for real), practicing for the last 14 years and earning himself a black belt.

He and his brick house wife- Red Riding Hoods Blocker Clitterference– have a beautiful baby girl fondly called: “The Clitter Creature,” who can be seen at games being toted around ring side by league mates, while her parents do their thing.
Roller Derby is made up of the contributions of many individuals, not just skaters, that collaborate to make the sport all that it is. Our Non-Skaters work just as hard as the folks on wheels (and apparently also psych themselves up pre-bout by listening to their favorite music, in Mr. C’s case, “Winds of Change,” and “Scorpions.”).

At RMRG we call ourselves lucky to count Mr. Clitter among those who give their time and love to the league, (even when he’s the one booming the penalty you just got out over the crowd), and are proud to call him a member of the Black and Red.