Skater of the Month: Andy Rodriguez

Gathered around the festive cornucopia that graces the planks of our Thanksgiving table this year- replete with seasonal squashes, corn and a freshly slaughtered turkey from the nearby woodlands- the folks of the Denver Derby community will be straightening their linen bonnets and steepling their hands in gratitude for RMRG’s Skater of the Month, Andy Rodriguez.

During the herculean task of trying to prepare the new shared warehouse space on Delaware Street, Andy has been a consistent and generous presence far beyond what anyone could have asked of him. Our Rocky Skater Motorbutt says, “Andy has hooked us up with some sweet networking and audio setup at Delaware at his own expense. He never takes a vacation or a day off, and takes care of everyone else before himself.”
This is clearly illustrated by the two 2 major ankle injuries Andy sustained during construction, after which he wouldn’t quit running wire or getting us better shop vacs. He even provided food and beverages for the subcontractors and volunteers and is always a reliably cheerful presence.

Originally hailing from California and Texas (which we’ll overlook), Andy owns and runs a successful IT company and loves fast cars and racing. He drives his Nissan GTR everywhere he can. He enjoys camping, off-roading in his tricked out 4Runner (which looks like it could be prepping for a space mission), photography/meme making, and trying new breweries. He has been a part of RMRG since 2014 and carries the honorary title of “[Red Riding] Hood Daddy.”
To you, Andy, RMRG offers our deepest thanks for illustrating such generosity of spirit and support in making our new home as wonderful as it is. Thank you for going above and beyond and then slightly above that beyond. Rocky Mountain Rollergirls couldn’t have asked for a better friend to the league and our sport in general. Bonnets off to you!