Skater of the Month: Carmen Slamdiego

This month RMRG would like to give a special shout out to our long time league member, Carmen Slamdiego (AKA Ho J. Simpson)!
Rocky Mountain Rollergirls team “The Sugar Kill Gang” are known for their sweetness. RMRG has one Sugar, Carmen Slamdiego (AKA Ho J. Simpson), who receives the award “Sweetest Sugar” consistently, and rightly so. Even after a long day of work, Carmen’s smile will shine brightly before and after practice.
Carmen joined RMRG 11 years ago in 2006, and Carmen’s natural speed set her apart as a gifted jammer. She expertly juked and sprinted around the track, skating with the top travel teams – Fight Club early in her derby career until 2010 and later the Contenders until 2013. During her time with RMRG, Carmen trained RMRG’s newest skaters. As an experienced teacher outside the derby world, Carmen used her teaching skills to help newbies increase in strength and skating skills on the track.  Currently, she works with RMRG Alumni Committee to ensure skaters that have left skating do not lose touch with RMRG.
With great sadness we announce Carmen, or Ho J as she will always affectionately be known, will hang up her skates in October after 11 years of skating.  Throughout those 11 years of skating she has touched many lives. We will miss her beyond what words can describe.