Skater of the Month: Our Amazing Board of Directors

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” – Ken Blanchard (American Writer)

Rocky Mountain Rollergirls organization has survived as a league for over 10 years due largely to skaters willingness to take charge and do the work that needs to be done. Through committee work and volunteerism, we keep this wonderful league operating. This month we want to pay special tribute to several ladies on our 2018 Board of Directors. Together they have worked hard to keep Rocky Mountain Rollergirls functioning as a league. These ladies work hard for RMRG daily. Even after their day-jobs have concluded, their work for RMRG continues.

Every year Rocky Mountain Rollergirls participate in Committee Head and Board of Directors elections. The Committee Head will serve one term each election. The Board of Directors will serve two year terms after elected, and divide up the responsibilities of leadership for the RMRG Committees.

Listing our 2018 BoD Members and the Committees they oversee…in no particular order.

BoD Member French Kiss of Death (“Frenchie”) serves as oversight for Finance, Evaluation, and Street Team Committees. Ms. Frenchie has helped keep Rocky on track financially and also bring in new RMRG fans.

A. Finance Committee members make sure our bills get paid. In order to do that job, the committee tracks dues coming in and (nicely) contacts skaters who have not paid dues on time. They also track the money coming in from bouts and fundraisers.

B. Eval Committee members give feedback to those looking to join the RMRG A and B travel teams.

C. Street Team Committee works diligently to help get the word out and promote our bouts. The league works to advertise our bouts on our website and social media, while street team helps stimulate excitement for our bouts by hanging up posters and handing out game flyers. This committee helps create new fans through constant outreach.

BoD Member Harper Bizarre (“Harper”) serves as oversight PR/Marketing and League Relations Committees. Ms. Harper not only serves as the BoD oversight for PR/Marketing committee, but she also creates art associated with our bouts.

A. PR/Marketing Committee works to populate our website and social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) with fun and amazing content. Members of the PR/Marketing committee also coordinate ticket giveaways and merch giveaways.

B. League Relations Committee members work to help resolve issues that arise in our league. These committee members are approachable and empathetic, and try to use their creative minds to create an atmosphere of respect for individual skaters.

BoD Member Angry Topaz serves as oversight New Recruitment and Development (NeRD Committee), Training Committee, and Rollerpunks. As a leader for these committees, Ms. Topaz helps oversee the strategies and implementation that continues to help foster growth of our many skaters.

A. NeRD Committee members help incoming skaters as ambassadors for the levels 1-4 skaters. This committee helps evaluate new to RMRG transfer and newbie skaters to a assigned level, and helps skaters navigate the process of becoming a League Member and growing in talent.

B. Training Committee members train levels 1-5 during RMRG practices. The committee head helps to establish monthly goals and schedule the trainers for the appropriate practice day. Newbie trainers help the newer skaters grow in basic skating skills, and the league trainers work on training league strategies.

C. Rollerpunks is the 12 – 18 years old roller derby league. The rollerpunks maintain a separate season schedule than Rocky Mountain Rollergirls. Ms. Topaz created and maintained a training schedule. She also helps keep the lines of communication open between RMRG and our youth league.

BoD Member Betty Slayer One serves as oversight for Bout Production, Gaming, and Merch Committees. The committees Ms. Slayer oversees help create the wonderful top-notch experience for our fans during our bouts.

A. Bout Production Committee works hard to make our bouts run smoothly. The committee members coordinate concierge services, “Ask Me Women” (help answer questions during games), set-up and tear-down of bout materials.

B. Gaming Committee focuses on the recruitment and scheduling of referees that help keep skaters safe and performing within the WFTDA rule set.

C. Merch Committee responsibilities include ordering product and budgeting, while also tracking money taken in through cash/check payments, PayPal, and Square.

BoD Member SB serves as oversight for Interleague and HR Committees. Also, SB serves as oversight of RMRG’s Besterns Tournament. During this time on the BoD, SB became well versed on WFTDA requirements.
A. Interleague Relations works with other teams to create a balanced bout schedule for RMRG’s A and B travel teams.

B. HR Committee members duties include attendance tracking, volunteer tracking, handling WFTDA insurance, game roster checks.

BoD Member Motorbutt serves as oversight for Warehouse Committee and Home Team Captains. Ms. Motor has been diligently working to help make our new practice facility beautiful.

A. Warehouse Committee members have their hands full this year. Committee members and Motorbutt coordinated help to move our equipment out of storage, clean our new practice space, cleaning of our sport court and laying down the track, etc.

B. Home Team Captains are elected each year by their own home team members. The Captains not only serve as a communication officer for their team during games, but also help teammates stay on track to fulfill their attendance and league volunteer requirements.

BoD Member Betty Vedder serves as oversight for Partnership and Events/Fundraising. Continued focus on healthy finances for a league is key, and Ms. Betty in the short time she joined the BoD has helped keep Rocky on track financially.

A. Partnership Committee actively creates and fosters relationships with sponsors/partners. The committee will help negotiate contracts and coordinate table vending for tournaments.

B. Events/Fundraising Committee coordinates special events and creates the magic of team bonding activities (ie. RMRG holiday parties and RMRG yearly prom). Committee members of Fundraising work hard to create fundraiser ideas and implement these wonderful ideas (examples: Rocky Mountain silent auction of skater painted roller skates).

BoD Member Violet A. Saultz – Amazing person. Ms. Betty Vedder took over as a Board of Director member replacing Violet A. Saultz who moved to another state during her term. We wanted to say thank you for your hard work.