by Barking Spider

PHEW! Rocky Mountain Rollergirls are still collectively recovering from all the excitement we experienced during our 2019 season, but it’s time for our 2020 season to begin. Gigga gigga whaaa!

Here’s a (short) list of what amazing things RMRG has accomplished in 2019, and the people who helped make all of it possible:

1. GAMES, GAMES, AND MORE GAMES: Our 2019 game schedule was jam packed. In 2019, RMRG hosted 12 double header events at our new practice facility, The Rollerdome. That’s 24 games! It takes an amazing amount of work and talent, on and off the track. RMRG League Members and newbies volunteer many hours to ensure our games run smoothly. and we are so thankful for all they do. We recognize some of the enormous workload that is put in, sometimes a month before a game:

Bout Production: Committee Head Elvira Queen of the Fight and committee members scheduled the multitude of volunteers that help ensure our games are successful including security, rules helpers, track maintenance, check-in, and clean-up after the game.

Events & Fundraising: Committee Head Easy as Pi and committee members planned pre-game promotion events, run raffles, create silent auctions, and stocked the bar for games as well as ensure bartenders keep our fans cups full.

Finance: Committee Head Vitamin Bea and committee members recorded payments of tickets for the upcoming game, provided cash boxes for Merch, Bake Sales, and Fundraising, as well as performed ticket-master duties at the door for games.

Gaming: Members She Who and Pop’a Pain staffed our games with officials and Betty Slayer One made sure medical staff was on site for the safety of everyone involved.

HR: Committee Heads FlipHer & Betty Vedder and committee members ensured skaters met the requirements for skating in a game, which include volunteer hours, street teaming, achieved practice hours, and paid dues.

Interleague: Committee Head CoachEena and committee members created our season schedule, coordinated with visiting leagues as well as the WFTDA, and helped Besterns Tournament run smoothly.

Merch: Committee Head Bad JewJew and committee members ensured RMRG merchandise was stocked and set up sales table to provide fans with cool stuff to purchase at our games.

New Recruitment and Development: Committee Head Sweet DeeStroyher and committee members worked with our new to RMRG skaters (Killscout and transfers) to successfully navigate the requirements for games and set up our Killscout Bout themes and rosters.

Partnership: Committee Head Floora Goodtime and committee members recruited advertisers for RMRG Partnerships as well as scheduled tables at games for local businesses and community organizations.

Public Relations: Committee Head Barking Spider and committee members created each 2019 Event on Facebook and advertised across our social media accounts. Created and implemented our new group ticket sales pricing. Regularly promoted our many 2019 partnerships.

Street Team: Committee Head Grave Robin and committee members helped schedule multiple events to get the word out for our 2019 games and continually distributed game flyers.

Training: Committee Heads Zoom & Grave Robin and committee members worked to keep everyone fit and strong for all our 2019 games.

Warehouse Management: Committee Heads Massey and ELE and committee members ensured the facility is clean and the restroom is stocked with paper goods.

Warehouse Liasions: Committee Heads Motorbutt & She Who worked with Denver Roller Derby (our practice facility roommates) to ensure seamless communication and facility function for games and practices.

Furthermore, thank you to those League Members who stepped up to be a part of our 2019 Travel Team Eval Committee (Daisy Danger, Kish of Death, Misstress Tarable, Fight Club Captain Sylvia’s Wrath, Contenders Captain Chi Chi, PM Captain Clitterference ). Also, to those League Members who worked to iron out skater issues to ensure we work as a team (Fiona Grapple, Siouxsicide Bomb, and Spunky Old Broad).

2. OUR FIRST FULL YEAR IN OUR NEW HOME. RMRG moved into our new practice facility at the end of 2018, and 2019 was our first full year in The Rollerdome. The newness of the situation meant our 2019 Board of Directors had the exciting task of working out all the kinks that come along with a new facility. There were lessons learned, and we are all stronger for it. Let’s just say our crappy plumbing was a HUGE lesson and leave it at that.

Thank you to all our 2019 BOD heroes: Angry Topaz, Animal Style, Betty Slayer One, Cherry Manilow, French Kiss of Death, Harper Bizarre, Justice of the Peach.

3. WE HOSTED A 3-DAY TOURNAMENT, BESTERNS 2019. Mostly this feat was accomplished by our very own Harper Bizarre, who helped wrangle all the tournament positions needed to successfully host a tournament. Thanks to our Liaison Committee consisting of both RMRG and DRD members we created a tournament certified barrier to keep the fans safe in the stands. Besterns 2019 welcomed teams from Utah, Texas, Wisconsin and even Alberta, Canada for 3 days, and resulted in a financial gain for the league.

4. HOME TEAM DOUBLE HEADERS WERE FILLED WITH EXCITEMENT. RMRG wants to recognize our Home Team captains for 2019. They put a lot of work into working with their Home Team skaters to ensure each skater feels like part of a team. Plus, each captain put a lot of effort into ensuring our 2019 Home Team games were populated with skaters on each team benches.
Daisies: Pink FameNgo & Devilz Huntress
Hoods: Clitterference & Angry Topaz
Sugars: ELE & Vitamin Bae
USPS: Easy as Pi & Pixie Yerbattles

5. RMRG is a wonderful league and we try to give credit where credit is due. Every January RMRG skaters and league members (new, veteran, and alumni) get together to have fun together and decompress. Our Prom this year featured old Nintendo games as awards for those our league voted to bestow certain coveted awards. Here are those special people:
Craziest Daisy – Chi Chi Chong
Sweetest Sugar – NintenDoll
Reppin’ the Hood – Clitterference
Most Postal Pummeler – Pixie Yerbattles
Unicorn Award (Fight Club) – She Who Cannot Be Named
Tupac Award (Contenders) – Melter Skelter
Robert Paulson Award (Project Mayhem) – Angry Topaz
Kickass Kill Scout – Bold Babe
Yammer of the Year – Pink FlameNgo (No, not a spelling error…yammer = jammer)
Feel the Pain (Best Blocker) – May Q Pay
Most Improved Skater – Reverend Pain
Ref/NSO Award – Man in Black
Team Heckle – Betty Vedder
Heart of RMRG – Harper Bizarre
Unsung Hero – Cherry Manilow
Biggest Coach Impact – CoachEena
Best Sportsmanship – Lumpy Skate Princess