Welcome to Denver’s original all-women, flat track roller derby league!

Assaultin' Pepa (Red Ridin' Hoods) blocking Dosa Payne (United States Pummeling Service) during "Sunday, Bloody Sunday," 7/28/2013. Photo credit: Dave Wood Photography.
Assaultin’ Pepa (Red Ridin’ Hoods) blocking Dosa Payne (United States Pummeling Service) during “Sunday, Bloody Sunday,” 7/28/2013. Photo credit: Dave Wood Photography.

Founded in 2004, the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls are a group of vibrant, diverse, and fearless athletes. The women in our league come from all backgrounds, and are everything from chefs to surveyors, from mothers of three to the proud parents of fur babies, but they all have one thing in common: a teamship built on the love of roller derby and each other.

Our mission is to promote the strength, athleticism, and independence of women through the sport of flat track roller derby, and to provide the skills training necessary for participation in regional, national, and interleague competition.

The Rocky Mountain Rollergirls are proud members of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), and winners of the 2010 WFTDA Championships.

RMRG has several teams under its umbrella, including:

Three travel teams:

Four home teams which compete in both inter and intraleague play:

One rookie team (league skaters who are not yet skills tested or drafted):

And our Juniors team:

We are also home to a dedicated group of referees and non-skating officials.

In addition to spreading the good word of Roller Derby, RMRG also believe in community partnerships and support. If you would like to become a sponsor, donor, or are interested in having the Rocky Girls attend your community event please contact partnership@rockymountainrollergirls.com