Besterns 2016

Questions about Besterns 2016?

Venue: Rocky Mountain Roller Hockey


1) Denver Roller Derby (#8)
2) Rocky Mountain Rollergirls (#22)
3) Boulder County Bombers (#45)
4) Wasatch Roller Derby (#49)
5) Arizona Roller Derby (#54)

Seeding based on April 30, 2016 WFTDA Rankings.


The five teams will participate in a round-robin tournament.

Games will be scheduled based on the April 30, 2016 WFTDA Rankings as follows:

Friday, May 20

9:00 – Denver (#1) vs. Boulder County (#3)
11:00 – Rocky Mountain (#2) vs. Arizona (#5)
— lunch —
2:00 – Denver (#1) vs. Wasatch (#4) +
4:00 – Boulder County (#3) vs. Arizona (#5)
6:00 – Rocky Mountain (#2) vs. Wasatch (#4)

Saturday, May 21

3:00 – Wasatch (#4) vs. Arizona (#5)
5:00 – Rocky Mountain (#2) vs. Boulder County (#3)
7:00 – Denver (#1) vs. Arizona (#5) +

Sunday, May 22

9:00 – Boulder County (#3) vs. Wasatch (#4)
11:00 – Denver (#1) vs. Rocky Mountain (#2)
1:00 – All-Star Mix-Up*

+ At the request of Wasatch and Arizona (and with Denver’s approval), these two games will NOT be WFTDA Sanctioned Games. They will be Regulation games. All other games will be sanctioned.

* For the final game, each team will provide two jammers and four blockers to create two 15-skaters rosters.

The team with the most wins will be the tournament champion.
If two teams have the same number of wins, they will be placed based on head-to-head results.
If three or more teams have the same number of wins, placement will be based on the percentage of points scored.

There will be trophies for the top three teams.


Pre-sale tickets are available by CLICKING RIGHT HERE.

Friday Only – $15
Saturday Only – $20
Sunday Only – $20
Saturday + Sunday – $30
Full Tournament Pass – $40


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For the latest information on the tournament, check out the Facebook event page HERE.


Tournament Head Ref: Loren Order

Crew Head – Collin de Shotz
IPR-Bambi Lance
JR-PH Diva
JR-Rockity Roller
OPR-Landin Flat
OPR-Sirius Hertz
OPR-Short Stack Attack
Alt-Purple Reign

Crew Head – Silence of the Jams
IPR-Pol E Dangerous
JR-Kilt Trip
JR-Jacques Strappe
OPR-Jim Class Hero
OPR-Trunk Monkey
OPR-Topper Bottom
Alt-GI Jameson

Tournament Head NSO: Doc Skinner

Crew head – Strong Female Character
Doc Psycho
Mz Shuggah
Karl Sparx
UltraViolent Blu
Chanel No. Die
Danger A-Gogo
Loco Motive
Prism Guard
O.G. Snuggles (alt)

Crew head – Whistle Blower
Ella Menopee
JewJew Bee
Fickle Bitch
Cap’n Tate
Keister Bunny
Sam Heinous
Shake n Break
Chunk Norris (alt)

Games Tournament Oversight: Krunchy


Head Announcer: Mr Clitter

Bard up
Jukes Duk’Em
Justice Feelgood Marshall
MC Unreal


Check out tournament results and additional information at the link below:

Besterns 2015