Rocky Mountain Opens Home Team Season


The Rocky Mountain home team season kicked off with a closed-doors double-header on Saturday. In the first game of the day, the Red Ridin’ Hoods edged the Dooms Daisies 190-174 in a game that was very close throughout. The second game was no less intense, but certainly not as close. Playing without a number of their star skaters, reigning league champions USPS fell to the Sugar Kill Gang by a score of 233-135.

The next action for the Rocky Mountain home teams will be at our Fillmore Auditorium Season Opener on March 6!

Scoring Summary

Hoods (190): Phantom Menace* (65), Major Lil Payne (60), She Who Cannot Be Named (57), Honey Bunches of Chokes (5), Fiona Grapple* (2), Helen Wheels (1)

Daisies (174): Sweet May Pain (69), Suri Brawl (29), Bones Patrol (20), Wild E. Coyote (18), Pain D. Pier (16), Lady McMassacre (15), Winona Fighter (5), Teaches of Peaches (2)

Sugars (233): Fiona Grapple (56), Kay Pasa (37), Major Lil Payne* (33), Abs-Salute (32), Ho J Simpson (22), Gaygan (21), French Kiss of Death (14), Bones Patrol* (14), Southern Discomfort (4)

USPS (135): Phantom Menace (41), Megalops (31), Helen Wheels* (17), Devastator (18), Nadine Friday (12), Pixie Yerbattles (9), Blue Shelly (4), Titan I Am (3)

* – Players on loan

View the complete 2015 RMRG/DRD home team schedule and standings HERE.