35 Slam Beesly

2017, 2016

Rocky Mountain Rollergirls are very excited to announce our November skater of the month: Slam Beesly! She has been with the league for two years now, and is quickly becoming a force on the jammer line! Her endless energy is evidenced by her ability to juggle her personal life and her derby career. After all, planning a wedding and making it to practice all the time can be tough!
Beesly is one of the kindest ladies in our league. Her kindness has translated into her committee work, as she helps new skaters transition into the league as a member of our recruiting and development group. But don’t let her sweetness fool you—she will definitely run you over to get through the pack. She has really stepped up her game in the last year, skating with both the Doom’s Daisies and traveling with Project Mayhem.
Recently, she gave the word “selfless” a whole new meaning when she donated a kidney to someone in need, a “giving back” after her mother received a much-needed transplant. Not only did Beesly go under the knife for a stranger, she still managed to show up the night before her surgery to kick butt with Project Mayhem!

For all of these reasons, we are proud to have Beesly as a member of our league, and to honor her as November’s Skater of the Month!