Member of the Month: BoD

Article by Sylvia’s Wrath.

“Anyone can lead when the plan is working. The best lead when the plan falls apart.” -Robin Sharma

In these trying times, we want to look to our leaders to guide us, to provide insight and hope in the midst of chaos. On a national scale, we may not be finding what we are looking for. But here at Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, we are lucky to have strong leadership that keeps us feeling connected and supported, that leads by example and does not hesitate to tackle the issues that the global roller derby community is facing. That’s why our August Member of the Month is actually a group, not just one member. RMRG would like to recognize our entire Board of Directors for their tireless work to keep our league afloat through this pandemic. 

We have so much respect and gratitude for the work that this group does, often behind the scenes and without recognition. In March, they were faced with difficult decisions in how to respond to the early stages of Covid and its implications for play, choosing skater safety and shutting down practices until safe to resume. They have been in constant contact with Denver Roller Derby, with whom we share space, and have kept open lines of communication with their league and our  liaison committee to insure we are all on the same page to keep everyone safe. They have also worked closely with WFTDA and our league rep for the association to ensure that we are following the Return to Play guidelines, and outlining what that looks like for us. They have gone above and beyond their required duties, meeting multiple times a month (and sometimes a week!), giving up much more of their own time than the quarterly meetings that are laid out in the by-laws for the league. 

The board has also been hard at work on fundraising efforts, collaborating with league members and the community to keep our league alive without the funding of game revenue. They are forced on an almost daily basis to make hard choices to insure that we still have a home when we are finally ready to return to it. This is not an easy task, and there are many conflicting opinions about how to make it happen. Anyone who has been involved in roller derby knows that it is made up of strong, opinionated people, and this board takes the time to listen and weigh all of those opinions before making choices that will affect everyone. Throughout every step, they have communicated progress and decisions in an open, transparent way that helps keep our members feeling valued and respected. 

Not only has the board been busy handling all things pandemic-related, they have found themselves in the position to increase diversity and inclusivity through positive change. Working with the league to examine our policies, and how they might affect marginalized groups, has created even more challenging work for the group. Even within the wonderful world of derby, there can be conflict, and things can get contentious pretty quickly. This board has taken measures to protect its’ members, working closely with our League Relations committee to refine and update our code of conduct in order to create an environment where all feel valued and respected, a place where we can hold civilized discussion without fear of vitriol or discmination. This is no easy task in today’s climate, and they are handling these issues with grace and pragmatism. 

Thank you for everything you do, Rocky Mountain Rollergirls’ 2020 Board of Directors: Harper Bizarre, Coacheena, Grave Robin, Queen of the Fight, Misstress Tarable, Cherry Manilow, and Sweet Dee Stroyher. 

Our league would be lost without you! Congratulations on being our August Members of the Month!