Member of the Month: Alda Wayupta

Photo by Alvin Green Jr.

Our latest Member of the Month is Alda Wayupta! Alda is an important member of our Training committee, and before COVID-19 we could find her leading practice for newbies and veteran skaters alike. Now that our practices are virtual, Alda continues with “Quarantraining” by hosting virtual workouts and “Open Skate” sessions, where skaters can request to work on specific skills. With her steady stream of workout links and tips, she continues to challenge skaters and keeps us learning while we can’t skate together. This is especially important as we try to stay involved and engaged in this sport that we miss so much.

Alda is a longtime member of the Dooms Daisies and this year is one of the co-captains of the Contenders. She’s led the Street Team committee and also lends a hand with her technical wizardry by helping out with our website.

Another virtual activity our league members use to stay connected is playing Dungeons and Dragons, and Alda is very active in her DnD group. We’re told her bard performance strikes similarities to Jack Black and is just as witty and entertaining.

We’re thrilled to have Alda as our current Member of the Month. Congrats Alda!!