Member of the Month: Motorbutt

by Sylvia’s Wrath

I’d like to say that we are spotlighting this month’s skater because of the alliterative allure; just think of the headline: May Member of the Month is…Motorbutt!! Mmmm….This fun figurative language adds literary luster to any written record. It’s a candy-coating on a conversation. An upgrade to an utterance. A….well, you get the point. 

But…we didn’t choose Motorbutt because of her conveniently lettered moniker, though we do love it! It’s actually about her work ethic, her tireless positivity, and her willingness to go above and beyond for her league and her teammates, that caused us to take this moment to offer an overwhelmingly heartfelt thank you. 

Thank you, Motor, for all of your hard work. For never taking the easy route, and for never stepping down from even the most difficult challenges. 

I had the opportunity to speak about Motor earlier this year when we introduced her as a 2020 Fight Club captain (Meet the Captains). You might think that a captain’s duties would be lessened by the disruption to the competitive season, but Motor is not one to take a break just because she “can.” Since we have been staying at home, she has continued to be a motivating force for our team, running virtual practices to keep us skating, and checking in with everyone to see how we are doing. 

This is Motor’s second time as Rocky Mountain’s Member of the Month, and with good reason. She has dedicated herself completely to this league since joining in 2013, giving her time and energy to volunteering, fundraising, playing, and just being an all-around amazing person. 

So…I’m just going to recap all that is awesome about this skater. Well, not “all,” because that would be a novel, and ain’t nobody got time for that! Here are a few highlights:

Motor served on the B.O.D of the league for 3 years. This is a time-consuming, conflict-ridden challenge at best, and a soul-sucking, thankless job at worst, and she did it. For THREE years! 

She has been captain of every team she has played on over the course of her derby career: the Red Riding Hoods, Project Mayhem, the Contenders, and most recently, Fight Club. And she does it well. 

When the league finally secured a new home, Motor put in countless hours working with contractors, the city, Denver Roller Derby (with whom we share the space), and anyone else involved in that endlessly challenging endeavor. She has been recognized by both leagues for her relentless efforts in making the Rollerdome our home. So much so, that it has been unofficially referred to as the “Kingdome” in her honor (her last name is King.) 

And now, with Covid closures and game/tournament cancellations, our new home is in danger. With no revenue from games, rent money is scarce. But Motor is not going to let her hard work be in vain. She has been behind the scenes since this started, seeking out ways to fund our league and make sure we still have a place to play when all this is over. These are just a few of the reasons that Rocky Mountain Rollergirls wanted to spotlight her this month. 

And I’m going to just add on a personal note here, so pardon me as I descend into fangirl territory…

Motor is so fucking cool. Ok? Like, SO. F**KING. COOL. She is one of the best people to share a hotel room with on travel trips. She is chill and flexible and knows how to have a good time (ask her about Hunk Oasis), but also knows when to reign it in. She says exactly what she thinks, even if it’s not a popular opinion, and somehow manages to make people smile, even when she is in complete disagreement with them. 

She loves the movie Labyrinth. She hits up all kinds of reggae shows. She is the funnest to go camping with. She checks in with you when you have a tough practice, or a bad game. She knows how to read a room. She is understated without being meek. She is someone who is so easy to be with, and makes you feel like you are easy to be with too (and trust me, some of us are not!) She is overall one of the best people I know, and I feel lucky to call her a teammate and a friend. 

So next time you see Motorbutt, give her a “socially distant” air-five and a big CONGRATULATIONS on being Rocky Mountain Rollergirls’ Member of the Month for her second time in the last 2 years! No one deserves it more!