Happy Halloween from RMRG!

Halloween is always a favorite time of year for us at Rocky. While we don’t have our regular Halloween bout this year, we wanted to share some of our favorite photos from years past.

There’s a saying that the “Sugars show up,” and that’s always true with Halloween costumes! Betty says she stood to everyone’s right at the Halloween party in this costume.

Stiches wins the award for best Halloween bout costume.

I think we can all agree that costumes from the 80s were kind of creepy, and if you remember the Snorks, then you’re definitely a child of the 80s like Pi. Also, Pi’s sister practiced her Darth Vader voice for months getting ready for Halloween that year.

Speaking of the 80s, Cherry wins the award for best homemade costume with her California Raisins costume.

And we can all agree that Angry Topaz is the cutest spider and cat ever.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Rocky!