Member of the Month: Lumpy Skate Princess

Article by Sylvia’s Wrath.

Considering the dumpster fire that is 2020, I think most of us will be happy to realize that the year is already half over. That’s right, it’s July, and summer is getting under way. For many, the month of July conjures images of beers, backyard BBQs, and blowing stuff up. Yes, Independence Day is upon us. A day that many use to honor and celebrate our nation. “But what is there to celebrate?” one might ask, especially this year. Though our nation is in a state of unrest, there are still positive things that can be taken from recent events. Our collective consciousness has been called to action, and we find many people united in the goal to change the status quo and truly examine the systems of oppression that have defined our country. This is something worth celebrating. Change IS happening and voices that have been long silenced are finally being heard. We have a long way to go, but seeing this unity and social action is cause for revelry. Something else worth celebrating? Our July Member of the Month: Lumpy Skate Princess, or LSP for short! 

We are so excited to honor LSP this month for many reasons, not the least of which is her fortitude in standing on the right side of history and being an activist and accomplice in the quest for a more just society. As a social justice advocate, she is a role model to her leaguemates. LSP is not afraid to call out inequity and injustice, and she is willing to have the difficult conversations that are necessary to create necessary change in our world. She is a patient champion for equal rights, and is able to engage in dialogue with those of differing backgrounds in a respectful, civil manner. Her passion for creating a more just world is inspiring, and she has helped our league evolve and see how our own behaviors and biases can be examined and changed. 

But LSP isn’t just the July MoM because of her advocacy. If you have seen her skate, you know her strength is not only in her activism, but her ability to crush her opposition on the track. She is fierce and focused, and practically impossible to stop. As a believer in equality, LSP does it all: jams, blocks, and even takes the pivot when needed. I know I speak for many a blocker when I say we DO NOT like to see LSP coming out to the line as a jammer. She has that bulldozer style that makes you want to just step out of the way, rather than even attempt to stop her. I mean, who wants to step in front of a freight train coming at you at full speed? I can accurately make this analogy, because I have made that mistake. Once. (It’s not something you do twice.) It didn’t take long for the Red Ridin’ Hoods to see this, and they drafted her as soon as the opportunity arose. Her teammates describe her as a “beast on the track” and a “lovely teammate on the bench.” This is the kind of player everyone wants on their team. 

And even when LSP isn’t skating or out fighting the good fight, she spends countless hours donating her time to our league, refereeing almost every game that she isn’t playing in, volunteering on committees, and generally being an awesome human. She is a fixture at every scrimmage, game, and event, and does it all with her beatific smile shining on her face. We are honored and thrilled to celebrate Lumpy Skate Princess as our July Member of the Month. Congratulations LSP!!