Join Us

    Rocky Mountain Rollergirls tries to open our doors to all walks of life/ages/level of interest. Here we offer some information that may be helpful. If you want more details, please feel free to contact our league at the emails listed below.

    You:         “I really love skating. I’m also super good at memorizing rules.”
    RMRG:   “GREAT! We sincerely love people who are good at memorizing rules. We have different positions available as a Roller Derby Official. We also have positions available as Non-Skating Officials (NSOs). If interested please send an email to”

    You:         “My kid really wants to play roller derby. Who do I talk to?”
    RMRG:   “That’s great. We have a junior roller derby league, Roller Punks. Is your kiddo between the ages of 12 and 18? Also, is your kiddo available Saturday mornings for practice? Send a message to Hey wait, what about you? You’re never too old to skate with RMRG.” (see below)

    You:         “I want to learn how to play roller derby” or “I’m interested in transferring Leagues and want to gather more information about RMRG” or “I’m visiting Denver and want to drop-in during RMRG practices.”
    RMRG:   “Excellent. We love teaching people of all skill levels how to skate and play derby. Also, we love new people. If you’re interested in joining us FOR-EV-ER or just for a short visit, then send a message to”

    You:         “My company wants to sponsor RMRG or a particular skater.”
    RMRG:   “We are pleased that you’re interested in our League!!! Please send a message to”

    You:         “I am a trans, non-binary, or gender non-conforming skater. Do I have a place with RMRG?”
    RMRG:   “Yes. Rocky Mountain Rollergirls strives to create an environment where all are welcome. We value acceptance, inclusivity, and unity, and these values mirror those of the larger roller derby community (please see the
    WFTDA Diversity and Inclusion statement). We welcome and support all trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming skaters. If you’re interested in joining us FOR-EV-ER or just for a short visit, then send a message to”

    You:         “I want to know so many things about your league, but my questions aren’t outlined above.”
    RMRG:   “You’re in luck. We have an email for any questions not outlined above.”


    General practice days/nights:   Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Saturday

    Practice Location:   2375 S. Delaware St., Denver, CO 80223

    General list of costs:   Annual cost of insurance $75; Monthly dues $65; One-time League Membership fee $25.

    Time requirements: Depending on skater level the amount of practice time will vary. We have a levels system (level 1 – level 8). If you’ve never skated before, you’ll enter RMRG as a level 1.
            a.   Practice hours requirements – 10 to 12 attendance hours per month in order to advance levels through our New Recruitment and Development Committee and availability for the Home Team drafts. For skaters levels 4-8, practice requirements vary depending on skaters chosen participation level (ie. different practice hour requirements for Travel Team membership and Home Team bouts eligibility)
            b.   Volunteer requirements – 2 hours of volunteer credit hours (examples: Non-Skating Official, skating as a Referee, etc.)
            c.   Committee work – Participate in one committee (examples: Finance, PR/ Marketing, HR, etc.)