Member of the Month: Grave Robin

Article by Sylvia’s Wrath.

Photo credit: Anna Zarrella Photography

November is a month for giving thanks. And no one deserves our gratitude more than our November Member of the Month, Grave Robin. This is a timely and bittersweet addition to our monthly appreciations, as Grave Robin will be leaving us in pursuit of new career opportunities in sunny California before too long. We are grateful, not only for the hard work Graves has put in over the years, but also for this opportunity to recognize her before she leaves.

Graves has had quite an impact in the four years since she started skating with Rocky Mountain. Her background as a former rugby player and coach gave her an edge over many new skaters and allowed her to quickly become an indispensable member of her home team, the Doom’s Daisies, as well as a welcome addition when traveling with Project Mayhem. Always willing to play any position or help wherever she is needed, her multi-faceted skill set has been a blessing to the league, both on and off the track.

Her commitment and love for the league were evident early on, most notably in her role as a leader of the Events and Street Team committees, organizing outings and promotional events to share the love of all things Rocky. She played a major role in organizing many of our favorite events, including our involvement in Pride and St. Patrick’s Day parades, as well as working on internal league events like our annual “prom.” Never one to shy away from a challenge, Graves also gave a lot of her time and energy to create fundraisers to help keep our league afloat. As if all that wasn’t enough, she has also been an active member of the training committee, and our recruiting and development group, NeRD.

In 2020, Graves took her strong AF work ethic and passion for the league to the next level, becoming a Board of Directors member in what has turned out to be the most challenging year ever for our leadership. And what’s more, she took on the increasingly daunting task of becoming the Covid risk coordinator, working with our friends at DRD to ensure that all safety protocols are followed to keep our warehouse a safe space for when we (someday) return to play.

You would think with all of this on her plate, Graves would sit down and take a rest sometimes. But you would be wrong. Without derby to keep her going, she turned her attentions to new ways to keep herself moving, and still spend (safe, socially-distanced) time with her teammates. She has organized a tennis group with several members, and they meet regularly to play. When she’s not on the court, she also spends time with teammates in an online DnD group, challenging her gaming skills on top of her athleticism.

It is clear to see that Grave Robin has been an invaluable asset to Rocky Mountain Rollergirls over the last few years. As we turn inwards and reflect on what we are grateful for at this time of year, we would be remiss not to share our endless gratitude with this skater. Thank you, Graves, for all the work you have put in at this league. You will be missed.