Dooms Daisies

Dooms Daisies LogoThe Dooms Daisies home team was formed as the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls’ league membership increased, meaning there were more skaters than the Red Ridin’ Hoods and Sugar Kill Gang could handle. They may look like delicate flowers in their blue and yellow uniforms, but these skaters can really bring the doom! The Dooms Daisies primarily skate against other RMRG home teams but occasionally bout against other local leagues’ home teams.

2015 Captains
Bones Patrol
Lady McMassacre

Dooms Daisies Roster

# Name Position Started Derby Home Town
Alda11Alda WayuptaJ, B2009Denver, CO
Alex Terminateu27Alex TerminateuB2008Gunnison, CO
Barking Spider00Barking SpiderJ, B2011Coatesville, PA
No photo available3773Betty BooYahJ, B2011Littleton, CO
Bones12Bones PatrolB2009Rayne, LA
Cherry98Cherry ManilowJ, B2010Ewing, NE
Frak8757Frak AttakJ, B2009Brighton, CO
No photo available34MassacreJ, B2011Boston, MA
Piper101Pain D. PiperB2011Fairfax, VA
Christine Purdy1223Purdy ViciousJ, B2013Denver, CO
No photo available111Sinn Drella
No photo available5011Sissy RinkshawJ, B2006Denver, CO
Suri3185Suri BrawlJ, B2010Chicago, IL/Tucson, AZ
Sweets-WebsizedM80Sweet Mary PainJ, B2008Chicago, IL
No photo availableP1NUTeaches of PeachesB2012Denver, CO
No photo available45Tia Juana Pistola
Alice9Über AliceJ, B2009Denver, CO
No photo available949Wild E. CoyoteJ2010Fort Collins, CO
Winona8Winona FighterB2004Longmont, CO