Red Ridin’ Hoods

Hoods LogoThe Red Ridin’ Hoods is one of the two original RMRG home teams. When modern roller derby started up in Denver, who could the OG RMRG skaters bout against, other than each other?

2015 Captains
Misstress Tarable

Red Ridin' Hoods Roster

# Name Position Started Derby Home Town
Pepa86Assaultin' PepaB2005Lena, IL
Blue Scream of Death1101Blue Scream of DeathJ, B2009Lancaster, PA
No photo available22Cap'n CrunchB2009Denver, CO
Crucial-Taunt9Crucial TauntJ, B2010Colorado Springs, CO
Dental Damnation666Dental DamnationB2013Conifer, CO
Ghetto187Ghetto KittyB2012Denver, CO
Ghostskate Killah710Ghostskate KillahJ, B2011Tampa, FL
Harpers Bizarre617Harper BizarreJ, B2012Doylestown, PA
Havoc-Websized147HavocJ, B2013Denver, CO
Chokes818Honey Bunches of ChokesJ, B2010Phoenix, AZ
No photo available23Mexica MayhemJ, B2012Denver, CO
Mistress17Misstress TarableB2007Denver, CO
No photo available0260MotorbuttJ, B2013Dallas, TX
PBR24Pretty But RuthlessB2010Denver, CO
Raven39Raven LunaChicB2008Lakewood, CO
She WHo88She Who Cannot Be NamedJ, B2004Chicago, IL
Shelluva Subdrop42Shelluva SubdropB2012Denver, CO