Sugar Kill Gang

SKG LogoThe Sugar Kill Gang is one of the original two RMRG Home Teams.¬†When modern roller derby started up in Denver, who could the OG RMRG skaters bout against, other than each other? With their win over the Red Ridin’ Hoods on September 7, the Sugars earned third place standing for RMRG Home Teams in 2013.

2015 Captains
Koko Rolla Diva

Sugar Kill Gang Roster

# Name Position Started Derby Home Town
Abs-Salute610Abs-SaluteJ, B2013Chino Valley, AZ
No photo available5BabydollJ2014Pocatello, Idaho
Batty100BATassJ, B2006Denver, CO
No photo available2012Extinction Level Event (E.L.E.)J, B2010Aurora, CO
Fallen Angel222Fallen AngelJ, B2013Denver, CO
Fiona31Fiona GrappleJ, B2006Denver
French Kiss of Death76French Kiss of DeathJ, B2013Denver, CO
Gaygan-Websized422GayganB2006Chicago, IL
HoJ32Ho J. SimpsonJ, B2007Rock Springs, WY
Jersey-Websized13Jersey WhirlJ, B2012Norwood, NJ
No photo available20Jules BurneJ, B2012Norwood, CO
KP840Kay PasaJ, B2011Oklahoma City, OK
No photo available203Mars FuriosityJ, B2012Lindsborg, KS
No photo available33Sharon TacosJ2014Columbus, Ohio
No photo available924Shred MosbyJ, B2013Bentonville, Arkansas
SoCo-Websized16Southern DiscomfortJ, B2013Clarksville, TN
Sylvias Wrath215Sylvia's WrathB2012Levittown, PA
UDD0AUndertaker's DaughterJ, B2007Hibbing, MN
Saultz-Websized901Violet A. SaultzJ, B2012Piscataway, NJ