BOOM! Rocky Mountain Hosts 5×5 Tournament

Bada Boom — 5×5 Champions (Farm Fresh (Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz), Assaultin’ Pepa, TraGek, Ivanna HasselHaus, Love Hertz, Honey Bunches of Chokes)

March 8: The Rocky Mountain Rollergirls celebrated International Women’s Day by welcoming 48 skaters from all across Colorado and Wyoming to the War*house for a 5×5 tournament. Randomly-assigned teams of six skaters each competed in a total of 24 five-jam games over the course of six hours.

The tournament began with round-robin play between two groups made up of four teams each. Twelve games later, the Bada Boom squad was the only undefeated team, notching three blowout wins: 30-8, 27-8 and 40-4. The other group was much more evenly matched with two teams finishing 2-1 and two teams finishing 1-2. Team Ermagerd claimed the top position in that group thanks to their head-to-head victory over the other 2-1 team, the Red Rums.

All eight teams moved onto the bracket round, but no team was able to find an answer to Bada Boom’s dominance. Only the Red Rums could make a game of it, falling to the eventual champions by a score of 14-7 in a semi-final matchup. Bada Boom sealed the deal with a 41-7 thrashing of slow-starting Motley Blue in the final game. Motley Blue had entered the bracket round as the lowest seed from their group, but advanced to the championship on the strength of two nailbiters in the quarter- and semi-final rounds.

Rocky Mountain would like to thank everyone who traveled from all across the state (and Wyoming!) to participate in this event. Huge thanks as well to all of the volunteers!


Red Rums – RED (3rd place)

555 Barbie Boop
666 Dental Damnation
420 Natty Dread Lock
1968 Pixie Yerbattles
1111 Smack and DeckHer
3LBS Suri Brawl

I AM Merry Havoc Rowdy Beast Wheels – BLACK (4th place)

67 Helen Wheels
147 Home Wreckin Havoc
98 Mama Beast
2 Merry Skankster
27 Rowdy Rothbomb
T800 Titan I Am

Black Dahlias – BLACK (5th place)

1027 Alex Terminateu
75 Bijou Blacnbleu
9 Crucial Taunt
2L8 Haul Pass
20k Jules Burne
34 Lady McMassacre

Team Ermagerd – BLACK (7th place)

P00T Barking Spider
357 Bria Fraid
222 Fallen Angel
4X4 Im Dirty
88 She Who Cannot Be Named
1313 Slej Hammer

Motley Blue – BLUE (2nd place)

78 Claire Leigh Defiant
270 Gator Dunn
187 Minista of da Fist
9mm Miss Meladjusted
216 Sonic Death Monkey
23 Sonik Skrewdriver

Mellow Yellow – YELLOW (8th place)

6PAK Abs-Salute
F6F Ace Hellcat
74 Dosa Payne
84 Grindin’ Zone
50 Syke’O
8 Winona Fighter

Bada Boom – BLACK (1st place)

86 Assaultin’ Pepa
2 Farm Fresh
1SVG Honey Bunches of Chokes
303 Ivanna Hasselhaus
8011 Love Hertz
53 TraGek

Gulabi Gang – PINK (6th place)

504 adderoller
2012 E.L.E
4041 Lezzie Borden
175L Queen Elizabitch
33 Rocky Horror
9 Uber Alice