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Member of the Month: Reverend Pain

by Sylvia’s Wrath

Look up the word “dynamo” in the dictionary and you just might find a picture of our March Member of the Month. Full-time mom, travel team skater, and pastor of a small Lutheran church, Reverend Pain seems to be blessed with unlimited energy. Rev, as she is known to her leaguemates, came to Rocky Mountain Rollergirls through a boot camp in 2018. Her fierce determination quickly earned her a reputation as a skater who should not be underestimated, even with her limited skating experience. 

Rev works hard. Like, REALLY hard. She is a quiet force, taking everything in and constantly looking for ways to improve herself. When she is not crushing blockers’ souls on the track, she is the one on the bench, watching senior skaters for strategies and taking notes on how to improve her own game. She requests and implements feedback immediately, which makes her a favorite among coaches and teammates. She is a true asset to her home team, the United States Pummeling Service, for more than just her great jamming skills. Not only does she earn tons of points for her team, she even supplies them with a mascot. Keep an eye out for a giant eagle at the next game and know that behind the costume is another member of Team McNitt.  

Did I mention that Rev works hard? That doesn’t just go for actual skating! She is a crucial member of the warehouse committee and helps keep our track and facilities clean and safe. In January alone, Rev volunteered more than 10 hours of her time, and that’s on top of more than 20 hours of skating practice. You might say to yourself, well, sure, that’s probably all she does. But you’d be wrong. On top of her commitment to the league, Rev manages a busy family with two sons (now THAT’S a challenge!) and leads a small congregation at a Lutheran church in nearby Castle Rock. She even found time to fit a trip to Disney into the year already!

All of Rev’s hard work seems to be paying off. As a result of her dedication and focus, she recently secured a position on Rocky’s B-team, The Contenders. This is an impressive feat for someone who has been skating for just over a year! She is quickly rising in the ranks and her determination suggests that she will only get better. Next time you see this skater hustling around the track, give her a high five and congratulate her for her truly well-earned spot as not only a Contender, but Rocky’s March Member of the Month!

We can’t wait to see what you do next, Rev!

Member of the Month: Floora Goodtime

by Sylvia’s Wrath

February. It brings to mind chubby cherubs slinging arrows, cards and candies, flowers and filigree hearts. This month, Rocky Mountain Rollergirls would like to share some love with our latest Member of the Month: Floora Goodtime.  Floora came to Rocky in 2017 and quickly made a name for herself, both as a formidable player and an off-skate dynamo leading the partnership committee.

It probably won’t surprise anyone in the league that Floora’s derby name originated in college, where she was known as “Good-time Kelly.” (Man, I’d like to hear some of those stories…). She still lives up to the name, going all out for all things derby. She signs up for every mix-up, plays in all the games, and does it with style. No half-assing here, boutfits and bout makeup are always on point, and no one needs to wonder if she’s having a good time: one look at her smile during games and you know she’s having a blast. While she may be having fun, being her opponent is decidedly NOT such a “good time.”

Floora delivers the mail with Rocky Mountain Rollergirls’  United States Pummeling Service, as well as Project Mayhem, and her teammates love her willingness to do whatever is needed of her in games. As a jammer, she barrels through opposing lines like a bulldozer, laying waste to even the strongest vets. And blocking? Forget it, jammers. You’re going nowhere. Players note her powerful attacks, and her tenacity to just keep going.

Off the track, Floora does an amazing job heading up the partnership committee, bringing in countless businesses to partner with our league to keep our non-profit running smoothly. She meets with vendors, coordinating cross-promotions that are mutually beneficial to both our partners and our league. She also makes sure that Rocky gives back, organizing skaters to attend promotional events, as well as donating tickets and other goods to local charities in the name of RMRG.

The craziest part? She does ALL of this with two boys at home and a work life that the word “hectic” doesn’t begin to describe. If you want to check out the unflagging energy and power that is Floora Goodtime, come see her on February 8th at Rocky Mountain Rollergirls’ home-team opener! This double-header kicks off at 6 pm when Floora’s USPS takes on the Red Ridin’ Hoods. Come check it out and give Floora Goodtime a high five for being February’s kickass Member of the Month!

“Was that a Barking Spider?”

by Angry Topaz

As with most Spiders, our very own Barking Spider came into this world full of rage and farts. As she busted out of the egg sack that her and her siblings were incubating in, she also let a few rip. Butt this Barking Spider isn’t just good for fart jokes. As a member of RMRG she has been on NeRD, Training, Newbie Training, and PR / Marketing. She has filled in gaps in various places not just with her gas but with her willingness to step up and get stuff done. She comes up with amazing campaigns to help promote this assortment of derby humans and coordinates this very Member of the Month spot light (shhhh this is a secret she doesn’t know we picked her). More importantly she has her own slack bot command!

Barking Spider has been a member of RMRG since 2011. She is currently the committee head of PR/Marketing (going on her second year). She has skated with Dooms Daisies and Project Mayhem. She enjoys a nice sweaty heart racing practice. You can find her farting around on our social media accounts or putting in a sweaty workout during her lunch time. So please join us in celebrating Barking Spider as January’s Member of the Month (just breath through your mouth)!!