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Happy Halloween from RMRG!

Halloween is always a favorite time of year for us at Rocky. While we don’t have our regular Halloween bout this year, we wanted to share some of our favorite photos from years past.

There’s a saying that the “Sugars show up,” and that’s always true with Halloween costumes! Betty says she stood to everyone’s right at the Halloween party in this costume.

Stiches wins the award for best Halloween bout costume.

I think we can all agree that costumes from the 80s were kind of creepy, and if you remember the Snorks, then you’re definitely a child of the 80s like Pi. Also, Pi’s sister practiced her Darth Vader voice for months getting ready for Halloween that year.

Speaking of the 80s, Cherry wins the award for best homemade costume with her California Raisins costume.

And we can all agree that Angry Topaz is the cutest spider and cat ever.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Rocky!

Member of the Month: Alda Wayupta

Photo by Alvin Green Jr.

Our latest Member of the Month is Alda Wayupta! Alda is an important member of our Training committee, and before COVID-19 we could find her leading practice for newbies and veteran skaters alike. Now that our practices are virtual, Alda continues with “Quarantraining” by hosting virtual workouts and “Open Skate” sessions, where skaters can request to work on specific skills. With her steady stream of workout links and tips, she continues to challenge skaters and keeps us learning while we can’t skate together. This is especially important as we try to stay involved and engaged in this sport that we miss so much.

Alda is a longtime member of the Dooms Daisies and this year is one of the co-captains of the Contenders. She’s led the Street Team committee and also lends a hand with her technical wizardry by helping out with our website.

Another virtual activity our league members use to stay connected is playing Dungeons and Dragons, and Alda is very active in her DnD group. We’re told her bard performance strikes similarities to Jack Black and is just as witty and entertaining.

We’re thrilled to have Alda as our current Member of the Month. Congrats Alda!!

Pack is Here

by Harper Bizarre and Sylvia’s Wrath

Which “Pack is Here” Shirt Are You? 

Did you know Rocky is offering up a great new way to show your derby love? Our Pack is Here shirt design is available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Read on to see which one will fit your needs! When you’re ready, head over to and grab yours today! 50% of proceeds will be donated to The Denver Foundations Critical Needs Fund. (

Arm Chair Quaranback (Baseball Tee)

There might not be any sports to watch right now, but that doesn’t stop you from yelling expletives to every newscaster on your TV or making do with old games on ESPN and NFL Network. With our “Pack is Here” baseball tee, you’ll be looking good when your drinking kickball league starts back up. (P.S. Could you take a minute to ask ESPN why they don’t play roller derby?) 

QuaranTeeny (Youth Tee) 

You’re a junior skater and can’t wait to show off your derby pride on THE tik toks or whatever the kids are doing these days. Maybe you’re not a skater. Maybe you’re not even a kid. Maybe you have an affinity for stuffed animals and dolls, and want them to be fashionable. Whatever, we don’t judge. Molly the Monkey will look great in one of these. 

QuaranDreamer (Comfort Colors Unisex Tee)

This comfy tee in a variety of groovy colors has you thinking about a better future for everyone. It’s the ideal accompaniment for delivering meals, sewing face masks, or creating uplifting art for the world. And when you’ve worn it to exhaustion, you can repurpose the super-soft material for your next creative, crafty project.

QuaranScreen Time (Pullover Hoodie) 

Whether you choose to cozy up with Tiger King or Love is Blind this snuggly hoodie will get you to the end of Netflix and beyond. You can also use the hood to hide the fact that you haven’t washed your hair in four days because you’ve been binge-watching 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, and The Office.

QuaranQueen (Slim-Fit Tee)

You put on your bra AND real pants every day, despite not leaving your house. Makeup? Check. Hair? Obviously. Sport this fitted tee with the rest of your on-trend ensemble. Quarantine, but make it fashion. You and your Insta posts will slay in the slim fit! YAS QUEEN! 

QuaranClean (Racerback Tank) 

Using this time to roll up your sleeves and get to work? Planning to scrub, polish, dust, and shine every inch of your domain? This is the perfect shirt for you. Because it has no sleeves! You can skip the first step!

QuaranScream (Premium Unisex Tee)

Are you shouting into the abyss? We sure are! This is the perfect tee for everyone who is staying at home indefinitely but holding on to the hope of seeing humanity in person again. Pro tip: The darker colors won’t show your isolation tears.

QuaranMachine (Unisex Tank)

If you are the master of the home workout this muscle tee is the perfect companion for today’s Zumba, tomorrow’s HIIT, and all your fitness goals. And even if you’re not, you’ll still look the part in this flattering muscle tank. Give everyone a ticket to the gun show!