Skater of the Month: Sweet Dee StroyHer

The weather is warming up (please disregard the thundering hailstorm we had recently and roll with this) and so it’s only fair that we pick one of our spiciest skaters, Sweet Dee StroyHer, for June skater of the month!

Dee originally came to RMRG from Las Vegas and the Atomic Roller Girls in 2017 and immediately fell in love with the Colorado weather. No one ever had to leave practice to go into the parking lot to pry her fingers off the steering wheel the first couple good snows we had and lead her inside to feed her nourishing soups and make soothing sounds.

Dee has two wiener dogs that she loves that only love her, and in addition to doing a killer job running her committee of NERD, she is also furthering the cause of our people by introducing another tiny skater into the world. Dee’s commitment and sense of humor make her a huge asset to Rocky Mountain and we dearly miss her on the track while waiting for her to produce her offspring. Happily, she doesn’t let anything slow her down and shows up to all the Rocky events anyway, as you can see from this profile picture at the Kill Scout’s Spring Mix Up (Chicks v. Bunnies) doing her best impression of a broody hen. Dee’s impish smile and tangy humor make her a much loved figure at Rocky, and we can’t wait to meet her newest project!