Besterns 2015



1st Place: Denver Roller Derby
2nd Place: Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
3rd Place: Rat City Roller Girls
4th Place: Terminal City Rollergirls
5th Place: Arizona Roller Derby
6th Place: Wasatch Roller Derby



Denver 508 Arizona 62
Rocky Mountain 335 Wasatch 67
Rat City 312 Arizona 73
Terminal City 219 Wasatch 139
Denver 145 Rat City 88
Rocky Mountain 260 Terminal City 85


Arizona 221 Wasatch 118
Denver 323 Terminal City 69
Rocky Mountain 192 Rat City 145


Arizona 227 Wasatch 197
Rat City 180 Terminal City 85
Denver 271 Rocky Mountain 167


#8 Denver Roller Derby
#14 Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
#16 Rat City Roller Girls
#17 Terminal City Rollergirls
#28 Arizona Roller Derby
#39 Wasatch Roller Derby


The six teams have been divided into two groups based on the April 30, 2015 WFTDA Rankings as follows:

Group A: Denver, Rat City, Arizona
Group B: Rocky Mountain, Terminal City, Wasatch

Friday, May 29

Each team will play the other two teams in its group for a total of six games.

9:00 Denver (1) vs. Arizona (5)
11:00 Rocky Mountain (2) vs. Wasatch (6)
1:00 Rat City (3) vs. Arizona (5)
3:00 Terminal City (4) vs. Wasatch (6)
5:00 Denver (1) vs. Rat City (3)
7:00 Rocky Mountain (2) vs. Terminal City (4)

Saturday, May 30

Each team will play one game based on their finishing position in their group.

3:00 – Consolation Game: Arizona (5) vs. Wasatch (6)
5:00 – Semi-Final #1: Denver (1) vs. Terminal City (4)
7:00 – Semi-Final #2: Rocky Mountain (2) vs. Rat City (3)

If only one team is undefeated after Saturday’s games, they will be declared the tournament champion. Additional games will still be played on Sunday in order to give each team a total of four games with the smallest possible number of repeat matchups.

Sunday, May 31

9:00 – Consolation Game: Arizona (5) vs. Wasatch (6)
11:00 – 3rd Place Game: Rat City (3) vs. Terminal City (4)
1:00 – Championship Game: Denver (1) vs. Rocky Mountain (2)


Pre-ordered merch will be available for pick-up at the venue. For those who missed out on pre-ordering, we will have a limited supply of additional Besterns merch available for sale during the tournament.


For the latest information on the tournament, check out the Facebook event page HERE.


Tournament Head Ref: Cruel Hand Luke

Crew #1: Loren Order (Head Ref), Darth Bling (IPR), Cruel Hand Luke (JR), El Flaco (JR), Jim Class Hero (OPR), Krunchy (OPR), Short-Stack-Attack (OPR)

Crew #2: Spankin’ D. Monkey (Head Ref), HardKore Ken (IPR), Collin De Shotz (JR), ATG (JR), Purple Reign (OPR), Jacques Strappe (OPR), SpiderPirate (OPR)

Tournament Head NSO: Shake ‘n Break

NSO Crew Heads: Plug McCracken & Whistle Blower

Non-Skating Officials: Blu’s Man Luke, Butt Force Trauma, Cap’n Tate, Charles Dickins, Cisco, Danger A-Gogo, Dru Bloodymore, Ella Menopee, G.I. Jameson, iOna Switchblade, Jenn-I-Fear, JewJew Bee, Mandamonium, Pete in the Pool, Poison Control, Supergirl, Torquemama, UltraViolent Blu, Wizard of Laws