Fight Club: Meet the Captains

by Sylvia’s Wrath

What would a player say if asked to describe roller derby in one word? For many, it would depend on the day. But that one word can tell you a lot about a skater. Are you silly or serious? Optimist or pessimist? Dreamer or pragmatist? Grizzled vet or eager newbie? 

As Rocky Mountain Rollergirls’ 5280 Fight Club gears up for another season, we asked this year’s captains, Motorbutt (#0260) and Daisey Danger (#737) to choose one word that summed up roller derby for them. Interestingly, the answers they gave not only described their feelings about the sport, but also accurately reflected the personalities of these two dedicated players.

Motorbutt (or Motor, for short)  says roller derby is “inspirational.” She started with Rocky in 2013, joining through a new skater program known as Derby Days, where veteran skaters taught basic skills to drop-in and would-be skaters. Originally hailing from Texas, she had been in Denver for just over a year when she saw a flyer at a car wash advertising the event. Motor thought this would be a great opportunity to meet some “badass women” and it didn’t take long before she was one of them. Motor quickly became an integral part of the league, and was a fixture at events, playing in the new skater “Kill Scout” bouts and helping out wherever she could.  

 When RMRG was securing our new home in the Rollerdome, she put in more hours than anyone to make sure everything worked out. She worked tirelessly, dealing with inefficient contractors, permit issues, and all the other agonizing details that come with building a viable location for skating. It was an exhausting endeavor, and her commitment through the many setbacks and adversities that had to be dealt with was nothing less than inspiring. 

Motor was drafted to the Red Riding Hoods in 2014 and after a stint on Contenders, where she first flexed her captain-ing muscles, earned her spot on Fight Club in 2016. Since then she has continued to push herself to be the best skater she can. Sidelined for a season by a serious concussion, she came back stronger and more focused than ever. As a blocker, it seems like she is everywhere at once. But she’s also not afraid to rock the pivot cap when needed, and has saved many a jam with her power and quick feet. As a captain, Motor rides the fine line of firm and kind, holding skaters accountable for their own growth and providing emotional support as needed. She acknowledges the difficulties of her role, working to honor the differing opinions of 20 women is no easy task, but finds gratification in making decisions that build players into better athletes and teammates. Watching Motor’s journey from Kill Scout to Fight Club captain has been amazing, and we are proud to have a homegrown skater like her as our leader, someone whose trajectory into one of Rocky’s top skaters can only be described as inspirational

Co-captain Daisey Danger described roller derby as “EPIC!” And her rise in the ranks has been just that. Daisey joined Rocky in 2017. She was in her third year skating with local recreational leagues the South Side Derby Dames and High City Derby Divas,  and was looking to play at a more competitive level. She dropped in on an RMRG scrimmage and was thrilled at how welcoming and fun everyone was, and she claims, “they hit so hard I wanted to be like them.” Well, I don’t know what she was doing before, but she is definitely hitting hard now! 

Daisey was quickly drafted to her home team, the Sugar Kill Gang, and after less than a year playing with Rocky made the Contenders, the B-level travel team. She played with Contenders for a short time before being moved up to Fight Club and the rest is history. This will be her third season on the charter and she shows no signs of slowing down. It has been so incredible watching Daisey become the skater that she is today. Her strength and agility make her not only a formidable blocker, but a powerful pivot that can bulldoze through opposing lines. Although she is a terrifying force, she is also extraordinarily kind, which has previously earned her the title of “sweetest Sugar” among her home team friends. 

Daisey’s kindness and patience make her a perfect choice for Fight Club captain. She seeks to listen and always offers a supportive shoulder to players, letting them vent their frustrations without judgment. Daisey loves getting to travel with her team and sharing a common goal with like-minded people. Her biggest concern in her role as captain is letting her team down, which just goes to show how considerate she is. She feels inspired when the team succeeds together. A locked down wall against a tough jammer makes her “well with pride.” Just another reason she is such a good leader. Daisey’s on track talents, combined with her patience and big heart make her an EPIC teammate and captain. And here’s to an EPIC season as well! 

Want to see our captains (and our team) in action? Join us on March 14 when Contenders and Fight Club take on FoCo Roller Derby out of Fort Collins. Follow this link for more information or to purchase tickets.