Member of the Month: Jess Fasy

by Sylvia’s Wrath

Proud Punk Parent. Lover of Libations, Total Team Heckle. Promoter of partnerships. For someone who never puts on skates, Jess Fasy puts in WORK! 

Since her daughter, Killer, started with the junior skaters, Jess has worked tirelessly for this league. It doesn’t hurt that her partner is Contenders and USPS skater Melter Skelter (maybe you remember our previous Member of the Month recipient?), making her even more a part of the Rocky family. 

Jess does it all, and she does it with a welcoming smile on her face. She is ready to pitch in a helping hand wherever it’s needed. She started out working with our junior league, The Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks, helping to keep the program running smoothly for quite some time.

She has an impressive and extensive background in the Denver bar scene and has been kind enough to share her expertise at the Rollerdome; running, staffing, and stocking our bar so our patrons can enjoy tasty beverages while watching games. In addition, she is an active member of the partnership committee and has done much to foster relationships with our vendors, specifically on the food and beverage side of things. She even makes sure these partners are recognized by taking the time to hang their banners at our events. 

If she’s not behind the bar or otherwise putting in labor, you can find Jess on the sidelines at any of Skelter’s games, getting her Team Heckle on. And the best part is, she’s not stingy with her spirit! She supports all of her friends and all of our teams, both on and off the track. 

So next time you sidle up to the bar for a tasty Declaration beer, or a cocktail from one of our amazing spirits partners, make sure to throw Jess a nice tip, or at least a hearty CONGRATULATIONS on being Rocky Mountain Rollergirls’ Member of the Month!