Welcome to RMRG’s Rules Corner. Here we will discuss roller derby rules outlined by the Woman’s Flat Track Derby Association WFTDA). WFTDA is the international governing body of woman’s flat track roller derby.

Today we discus Skater Positions: Descriptions of skater positions is covered on WFTDA.com.

WFTDA Rules: “For each Jam, a team must field one Jammer, and at most four Blockers. One of these Blockers may be designated as the Pivot Blocker. The Pivot…is denoted as the Skater in possession of the Pivot helmet cover (a.k.a. the Stripe) at the Jam-Starting Whistle. The Pivot wearing the Stripe with the stripe showing has several additional abilities that other Blockers do not.”

One additional ability is the Pivot has the ability to become their own team’s jammer. This is called “The Star Pass.” Let’s discuss the Star Pass by outlining what could happen at a game, Team Red vs. Team Black. If the Team Red Jammer is having trouble making it through Team Black’s Blockers, then the Red Team Jammer may take off the Jammer helmet panty (a.k.a. the Star) and pass it to the Pivot. Once the Pivot gets within arms length distance to grab the Star, the Jammer can choose to take the Star off and either hand it to the Pivot, or fake a pass to the Pivot while maneuvering around Team Black’s blockers to successfully escape the pack.