Skater of the Month: Nintendoll

One of the best things about derby is having community all over the state/country/world that you may only see a few times a year at tournaments, mix-ups or RollerCon and stay connected on Facebook for the rest of the year, but these are friends that you look forward to seeing nonetheless. While our global conglomerate of masochists is a perk, sometimes you’re even more lucky and one of these far-flung skaters transfer to your league! RMRG was definitely fortunate in this aspect when we got Nintendoll, formally of Fort Collins Roller Derby.

Doll started derby in April of 2016. She had never played any sports before derby. She even hated gym class, but derby changed her life. Doll self-reports that, “Even if you have never skated in your life, in a couple of months you’ll be zipping around. Derby community is the absolute best. We aim to be inclusive and to have fun.”
Doll being voted “Sweetest Sugar,” at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Prom is something that seems to be a theme. Her former FoCo teamship reports that, “Doll is known at FoCo for befriending everyone and making sure we had a fun time, win or lose. She was a new recruit liaison with FoCo and helped develop our derby sisters program.” This isn’t surprising since Doll is easily one of the most positive individuals on the league who always has an enthusiastic word to put in for her teammates, no matter what the level.

Our spies also tell us Doll got her graduate degree from CSU in communication. She hates green beans, mean people and little dogs. She loves Zelda, her derby number is a play on “404,” an error code for “not found.” Her non-derby hobbies are video game, sewing, baking and hanging with friends. She lives with her boyfriend David and their kitty. Doll loves to host game night and probably movie nights as well since she’s also into Princess Mononoke and Miyzaki films.

Rocky Mountain Rollergirls is definitely the better for having Doll in the fold. She is a tireless, dauntless jammer and a kind and matter of fact teammate. When Doll gives you a compliment, you know you can be proud of it since anyone who spends time with her can see how genuine she is. Rocky Mountain celebrates our hard-as-nails-sweet-as-sugar Nintendoll as our March skater of the month, and now we’re signing off before we make some sort of “luck-of-the-Irish,” puns about the situation, and don’t nobody want that.

(Also special thanks to FoCo skaters Huckleberry Spin #619 and Leslie Nope for being Mistresses of Intel (MUWWAHHHHHA)).