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Our Alice in Wonderland themed “prom” night was full of fun and surprises as well as really incredible costumes. Congrats to our award winners and thanks to the incredible events team for putting together such a memorable evening! Photo credit Holly Kate aka Justice of the Peach.

The 2019 awards went to:

Craziest Daisy – ChiChi Chong
Sweetest Sugar – NintenDoll
Reppin’ the Hood – Clitterference
Most Postal Pummeler – Morfiend
Unicorn Award (Fight Club) – Jersey Whirl
Tupac Award (Contenders) – Massey
Robert Paulson Award (Project Mayhem) – Angry Topaz
Kickass Kill Scout – Animal Style
Yammer of the Year – Pink FlamNgo
Feel the Pain (Best Blocker) – Fiona Grapple
Most Improved Skater – Melter Skelter
Ref/NSO Award – Popa Pain
Team Heckle – Betty Bedder
Heart of RMRG – Harper Bizarre
Unsung Hero – Motorbutt
Biggest Coach Impact – CoachEena
Best Sportsmanship – Daisey Danger
Off Skates But Still a Badass – SB