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Rocky Mountain Adds Thirteen New Home Team Skaters


At Saturday night’s annual Rocky Mountain Rollergirls Prom, held at Blush & Blu in Denver, thirteen skaters were drafted! Please join us in welcoming them to their new teams.

Dooms Daisies

Bone Eata
Rosie D. Railer
Slam Beesly
The Countess of Monte Fisto

Red Ridin’ Hoods

Roxy Rotsalot

Sugar Kill Gang

Lena deal Gato
Sugar Pie Honey Punch

United States Pummeling Service

Cruz Hella De Vil
Sweetie Ramone
Zoom Bayou

Don’t miss your first chance to see these skaters playing for their new teams on February 27th!

Rocky Mountain Opens Home Team Season


The Rocky Mountain home team season kicked off with a closed-doors double-header on Saturday. In the first game of the day, the Red Ridin’ Hoods edged the Dooms Daisies 190-174 in a game that was very close throughout. The second game was no less intense, but certainly not as close. Playing without a number of their star skaters, reigning league champions USPS fell to the Sugar Kill Gang by a score of 233-135.

The next action for the Rocky Mountain home teams will be at our Fillmore Auditorium Season Opener on March 6!

Scoring Summary

Hoods (190): Phantom Menace* (65), Major Lil Payne (60), She Who Cannot Be Named (57), Honey Bunches of Chokes (5), Fiona Grapple* (2), Helen Wheels (1)

Daisies (174): Sweet May Pain (69), Suri Brawl (29), Bones Patrol (20), Wild E. Coyote (18), Pain D. Pier (16), Lady McMassacre (15), Winona Fighter (5), Teaches of Peaches (2)

Sugars (233): Fiona Grapple (56), Kay Pasa (37), Major Lil Payne* (33), Abs-Salute (32), Ho J Simpson (22), Gaygan (21), French Kiss of Death (14), Bones Patrol* (14), Southern Discomfort (4)

USPS (135): Phantom Menace (41), Megalops (31), Helen Wheels* (17), Devastator (18), Nadine Friday (12), Pixie Yerbattles (9), Blue Shelly (4), Titan I Am (3)

* – Players on loan

View the complete 2015 RMRG/DRD home team schedule and standings HERE.